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There are several areas or services that tend to be very important to seniors or people reaching senior age ranges, and one that cannot be overlooked here is that of transportation. Aging will sometimes remove our ability to drive or otherwise transport ourselves to and from the places we want to go, but senior transportation services fill this need and allow for many direct benefits to those who are in this age range.

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, we’re proud to offer numerous caring amenities for our assisted living and senior living communities in Ogden and South Ogden, including transportation to things like appointments and any other kinds of activities our guests require. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over the various benefits of senior transportation services to not only seniors, but even their families and caregivers as well.

Freedom and independence

Likely the single largest benefit of senior transportation services for most seniors, and one that sets a baseline for this entire conversation, is the degree of freedom and independence these services provide. Seniors often find themselves limited in terms of their mobility and ability to get around on their own, so having reliable transportation can be an enormous asset to them.

This allows seniors to maintain a much greater degree of freedom when it comes to going places and even just making independent decisions about where they’d like to go, rather than relying on family members or other caregivers. Having access to the world beyond can be a tremendous source of comfort for seniors, as it allows them to maintain a degree of independence that would be denied if they didn’t have transportation.

Life flexibility

Many seniors begin to feel constricted if they are unable to leave the house or if their transportation options are limited. This can also manifest in terms of a senior’s ability to attend social events, such as family dinners and other kinds of gatherings. With senior transportation services available, seniors gain much greater flexibility when it comes to living life and going places – even if those places feel far away at the time.

Safety and accessibility

Furthermore, transportation services provide an extra layer of safety for seniors, in terms of keeping them from getting into dangerous situations or being exposed to unsafe environments.

This can be particularly beneficial for those who live in rural areas and need access to larger nearby cities, as well as those who are restricted by mobility issues and may not be able to get around on their own.
In addition, senior transportation services are often designed to be accessible to those who may not have full use of their bodies or need special accommodations in order to travel from one location to another. This accessibility can mean a great deal for seniors who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer them.

In part two of our series, we’ll look at some of the other benefits of senior transportation services, including how they can provide relief to family members and caregivers.

By offering these types of services, Avamere at Mountain Ridge is proud to be doing our part in helping seniors live their lives with greater freedom and independence. Contact us today for more information about all the various amenities we offer in our senior and assisted living communities.