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Here are some of the nice things residents, family members, and friends are saying about Avamere at Mountain Ridge.

I am soooo grateful to have found your facility for my Mom. You must know how special you all are. The care and attention given to creating a fun, engaging, healthy and nurturing environment for the residents, is outstanding, genuine and quite evident. Evident in the smiles of staff and residents, alike. Thank you for being a part of the amazing team of caretakers at Mountain Ridge and for carefully vetting all team members, to ensure an excellent environment in which the residents are able to thrive, not just survive. You are ALL rockstars!

Victoria L.

My Mother-in-Law moved to Mountain Ridge Assisted Living after living at 2 other assisted living facilities in the area. My family and I were so impressed with the care she received here. The apartment and facility has a homelike atmosphere and the staff ALWAYS had a helpful and caring attitude. Most impressive was how much happier my Mother-in-Law was while living here. The administrator Johnny is the most helpful and caring person and worked hard to make my Mother-in-Law’s move to her new apartment a very positive experience for all of us. Another positive is that there is a nurse available every day, which was not the case in the other assisted living facilities. Nicole, the nurse who did my Mother-in-Law’s assessment, is one of a kind! I have never encountered another nurse that got along so well with my Mother-in-Law and is the awesome caregiver that Nicole is. I am happy to recommend Mountain Ridge Assisted Living to anyone looking for a warm and friendly place for a loved one who needs that extra care.

Misty S.

Mountain Ridge is a great community for anyone looking for assisted living, independent living, and memory care communities. I assist families that are looking for one of these communities and would absolutely recommend Mountain Ridge to anyone. I have been working directly with Erika, Johnny, and Nichole. They are all outstanding people with the highest integrity. AMG has been happy to work with them and have our clients live in their community. The care is exceptional.

Brandi L.

When my Mom could no longer live alone and needed help that was available 24 hours a day, I hoped that I could get her into Mountain Ridge. After an assessment, they welcomed my Mom into their facility. From the day we moved her into there, I was very happy with the atmosphere and the assistance that she was given. My Mom ended up living there for just over a year and a half before she just recently passed. All the Med Techs and all the Aids took such good care of Mom. My Mom truly Loved everyone there! The staff there is some of the best people I have worked with. Adrienne was so good to work with in the Business Office. I just have to say that I Loved the care my Mom received there, and I Love and Miss each and everyone of the people that work at Mountain Ridge. They are the Best!!!

John J.

No words for how highly I would recommend this place! I’m just beyond grateful for how they have treated my grandma and quite honestly, everyone who walks through their doors.

Linn A.

It seems every one of your staff we’ve met are kind and caring. Thank you so much for the facility you are running. It gives us so much peace-of-mind knowing Harry is in such good hands.

Kent S.

Thank you for all your help and support with him. There was NO better place than Avamere. They have the absolute BEST staff. My dad loved them and, as we found out, they loved him right back. One guy who works there said he was like a grandpa to him. The girls gushed about him. I’m so happy he was loved and taken care of so well. Thank you for your referral!!!

Denise H.

Thanks for everything you and the rest of your staff do for my mom. She is really happy there. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure how she was going to handle her “new” situation, but you made the adjustment a very positive experience, so thank you so much!

Marne S.

You are all her family and we appreciate all the love and support you give.

Jennifer S

You guys brought tears of joy to me. I can’t remember when I’ve seen my mom so happy. You all are so amazing! You have worked miracles with her. Thank you from the deepest depths of my heart.

Jamie M.

I worked for Mountain Ridge and volunteered there when I was young. I ran the halls before the walls were put up. My grandmother lived there for the last few years of her life and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to refer seniors for their retirement and care needs!

Tyrinn B.

We cannot express enough how grateful we are for all the kindness you have shown our mother over the past 21 months. My mom expressed her love for everyone there and how kind everyone was towards her. While over the past 2 months we were not able to see her in person, she still felt as if she had family visits every day from her Mt. Ridge family. She loved the parties there and the last Cinco de Mayo party was really special for her as staff fussed over her. The kindness shown by the staff at the end was amazing. I realized then that our mother was family to them as well. Thanks again!

Rex & Debbie M.

My mother was there. It was a great experience. They brought her back from the dead. The last place her mind was so unchallenged. Her Alzheimer’s got really bad. We brought her there and she returned to normal.

Craig W

We moved Dad in yesterday. I just want to thank you and your wonderful staff.


Erika was so accommodating the day we brought Dad to check your place out. I think I made her stay a bit later than she’s used to for our appointment. She’s a pleasure to work with.


Austin was extremely helpful with getting Dad’s tv working and hooking his computer up to your wifi Sunday. He had things up and running very quickly and efficiently.


My grandma was just moved to this assisted living center and oh my word, it is beyond wonderful! I have truly never seen more friendly staff who take as much times as possible with the residents. They are kind and caring and it is amazing to see.


The facility is clean and bright and every effort is made to be sure the residents are comfortable and have what they need. The food is amazing and each meal time, the residents are treated like they are at a restaurant. Truly, just so sweet.


And last, I just can’t get over that the staff, and especially the owner or manager (sorry not sure what is his official title), make sure the residents know this is their home and they are grateful they are there and they are thankful these sweet older women and men would allow them to take care of them.


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