We take pride in all our assisted living communities at Avamere at Mountain Ridge, and one area that’s of particular value to some of our residents is Memory Care. We provide caring, individual memory care services to any residents struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other memory-related conditions, by helping them maintain comfort and independence while staying safe and healthy.

Like with any important life decision, it’s prudent for seniors, caregivers and loved ones to evaluate multiple options when it comes to memory care and senior living communities. We encourage this theme – not only do we want all seniors to get the best and most sensible care for their situation, we’re confident our communities offer this for many prospective residents. This two-part blog series will go over several factors to evaluate as you look for the ideal memory care community.

Care Philosophy

Before you even begin thinking about areas like cost or other specifics, ask the communities you’re considering about their philosophy and approach to memory care. There are several reputable memory care methods and themes utilized by different medical professionals within the community, from the Validation Method to reality orientation, therapeutic practices and others.

Many combine existing themes into unique programs as well. Take the time to evaluate the kind of philosophy you think will work best for your loved one, including asking questions on any areas you’re unsure of.

Cost and Programs

Cost should never be the only factor in choosing a memory care community, but it does have to be considered carefully. Some of the themes you should be looking at when it comes to cost and related programs within a memory care community include:

  • Basic monthly fees and any possible future changes in rates
  • Levels of care offered – do rates vary based on these?
  • Any entry fees, deposits or other one-time costs involved in the program
  • Will long-term care policies be accepted and worked with?
  • Ask about any other charges or expenses that may not have come up

New Resident Welcoming

Another important area to consider is how a given community will welcome new members to the community. For many with Alzheimer’s or dementia, loss of verbal skills may have taken place – this person may not be able to answer questions or give their personal information to team members, meaning these communication areas and understanding senior preferences need to be spelled out well in advance.

Respect and Dignity

A common issue for seniors suffering from memory loss is that their disease takes over the way they are treated – the disease itself becomes the focal point, not the person. Just because someone is dealing with memory loss does not mean they should also have to deal with losses in dignity and self-worth, and you want a program that will focus on the individual and honor them for who they are first while assisting with their condition second.

For more on choosing the ideal memory care facility, or to learn about any of our senior living programs, speak to the staff with Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.