senior health happiness COVID-19

There is extra strain on everyone during this period due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, and this is particularly true for many seniors. Both for seniors in assisted living facilities and those still living in other locations, several areas of this outbreak can be stressful and worrisome, from increased susceptibility risks to the struggles and anxiety associated with social distancing.

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, our caring assisted living staff have been taking part in extreme precautions within our facilities to prevent any spread risks among our guests. In addition to this, here are several themes and tactics we’re recommending to all seniors and caregivers when it comes to staying happy and healthy during this difficult isolation period.

Proper Diet

Periods of stress and strain like this one can impact routines for many people, including dietary habits. It’s totally understandable to allow ourselves a few more treats or comfort foods during periods like these.

At the same time, it’s important for seniors to maintain a healthy diet wherever possible. Caregivers should assist in keeping a fridge that’s well-stocked with healthy foods, including make-ahead meals in case of a pinch. In addition, consider subscriptions to meal delivery services who can make eating healthy even more convenient.

Remaining Active

Another risk of high levels of isolation during this outbreak is diminishing physical activity, which can be detrimental to seniors in multiple ways. And while this period might not offer as many chances to get out, there are still plenty of ways to stay active and avoid becoming sedentary.

For starters, options like nature walks and similar themes that keep you away from crowds are still available. In addition, there are numerous online resources for staying active, including YouTube tutorials and many others. We also recommend this excellent resource from the National Institute on Aging for exercise and activity for seniors during this period.

Technology and Connections

While we are forced to spend more time at home during this stretch, that does not mean we have to be isolated completely from others. There are numerous technology options for staying in touch, from Skype and FaceTime to other social media channels. If your senior loved one needs some instruction on how to utilize this technology, be sure to give it to them.

In addition, technology is hugely valuable for seniors remaining in touch with doctors and other medical professionals. Numerous such professionals have increased their remote communication capabilities during this time, and you should not hesitate to contact them about health-related issues using these methods.

Nurturing Body and Spirit

Finally, both seniors and others should be looking for ways to promote their own mental and physical well-being. Whether this means making a daily schedule, taking virtual classes, catching up on reading or other pursuits you know you enjoy, find ways to fill the day and remain fulfilled on a regular basis.

For more on seniors staying happy and healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting isolation periods, or to learn about any of our senior living or memory care programs, speak to the staff with Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.