assisted living nursing home differences

There are varying levels of care available for seniors or anyone else dealing with physical or other health issues as they age, and two of the most well-known are assisted living and the use of nursing services (also often referred to as living in a nursing home). The latter is typically a more significant form of care than the former — but how do seniors and their families determine when the right time is to make the switch from one to the other? 

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, our primary services focus around our Ogden assisted living communities, which include numerous specific programs ranging from memory care to general care and more. We regularly assist seniors and their families with important decisions like these, helping walk you through some of the most important elements to consider. What are the key differences between assisted living and nursing home centers, and when should a move from assisted living to a nursing home be considered? This two-part blog series will go over everything seniors and their families should know here.

Differences between assisted living and nursing homes

While both assisted living and nursing homes offer necessary care for individuals, there are several key differences. Assisted living communities typically provide a residential setting with individualized services that focus on helping residents maintain independent lifestyles while providing daily assistance as needed.

Nursing homes, or skilled nursing facilities, are designed to provide comprehensive medical services in addition to custodial care; these facilities offer 24-hour medical care with a wide range of services like monitoring vital signs, administering medications and treatments, physical therapy, and more. Generally speaking, if an elderly individual requires significant medical care in addition to daily assistance and support, then the nursing home setting is most appropriate.

Many people move from one to the other

For many seniors who require care, these requirements tend to increase as time goes on. After living at an assisted living center for some time, it may become necessary to move into a nursing home in order to gain access to the medical services that are needed. We understand how difficult this decision can be, and our team is available to provide guidance here as well.

Average stay lengths

Both these types of care settings provide short-term and long-term services. The average stay at an assisted living center is around three years or so, while the average stay at a nursing home can range between one to five years. Again, this will depend on the individual’s needs – but with our team’s help, we can determine the best plan of action.

In part two of our series, we’ll go over some additional factors to consider here, such as costs, 24-hour care, and more. To learn about any of our Ogden assisted living community programs or how we’ll assist you or any senior in your life, contact our caring staff with Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.