caregiver guilt senior living placement

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, we’re highly appreciative of the role family, friends and other potential caregivers play in a senior’s life. Our assisted living programs are designed not only with the comfort of our senior guests in mind, but also with an eye to maintaining caregiver relationships and allowing for interaction with loved ones and friends.

One area we run into regularly within this realm: Caregivers who are overwhelmed with guilt after making the decision to help place a senior in a senior living facility. Even though this is usually the right choice for all parties involved, it can be understandably difficult to cope with feeling like you’re “abandoning” your loved one, even if this isn’t really the case. With this in mind, here are some approaches we recommend for caregivers hoping to ease this transition and continue to play a prominent role in their loved one’s life.

Take Solace in a Prudent Choice

For starters, you can find some measure of consolation in knowing that you’ve made the best choice for your loved one and their health. This comes with doing the proper research and finding a great facility like ours, allowing your loved one to be passed into capable, caring hands.

Whether your loved one is taking part in a temporary stay or a permanent move, know that they’ll be well-cared for and comfortable at all times. Meal plans will be balanced and factor in any dietary restrictions that may be present, and staff are always present to assist with any needs.

Get Involved

Once you’ve gotten past the initial sadness of this move, you’ll realize there are several ways for you as a caregiver to continue to provide support and presence in your loved one’s life. Virtually all assisted living facilities welcome volunteers to assist with certain elements of their programs, for starters. You can also look into visitation hours and plan out a weekly schedule for being present, allowing both you and your loved one to maintain an important connection.

Support Groups

Finally, consider joining one of many support groups designed specifically for caregivers of seniors. Talking to others who are experiencing some of the same things as you can be incredibly therapeutic – and can also often help you find tactics for coping or otherwise improving your situation, whether it’s making the move-out day easier or communicating with senior living facility staff. There are many such groups that even allow you to join online chat rooms and take part in the conversation without leaving the comfort of your home.

For more on how caregivers can get past the guilt of placing a senior loved one in an assisted living facility and continue providing a valuable presence in their lives, or to learn about any of our senior living services, speak to the staff at Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.