Mountain Ridge Blog Helping Ogden Seniors Downsize Donations and Timeliness

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basic tips on how to help a senior loved one during the process of downsizing their home. Whether you’re helping them move to a senior living community or any other location, there may be a number of possessions and other items to think about, plus some general themes in terms of the practical approach to the move.
At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, we’re proud to assist our guests in numerous ways as they move into our assisted living and other senior communities in Ogden, including with many of the involved details. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over some additional tips on how to approach this process in a way that’s comfortable and simple for your loved one.

Cherished Possessions

The process of the move can become a bit hectic as you get into its later stages, so it’s important early in the process to identify which items are the most important to your loved one. These will be the cherished possessions that they’ll want to keep with them, whether at their new location or stored away in a safe place.
Once you’ve gone through and identified these items, it can be helpful to set them aside in a specific area so they’re not accidentally packed up with normal items. You may even pre-pack certain valuable items if you’re particularly worried about them, such as family heirlooms or other pieces with sentimental value.

Donating Options

There are many cases where a senior will simply have accumulated too many possessions to bring with them to their new home, and this is perfectly normal. After all, it’s often only after we get older that we realize how much stuff we’ve actually accumulated over the years.
In these cases, you may want to consider donation options for some of the items. This can be an excellent way to declutter the home while also helping out others in the process, and it may even lead to some tax breaks for your loved one as well.
There are many different donation options available, so take some time to look into local options that may be a good fit. For example, certain religious organizations may be interested in certain items, or you may find options specifically for things like clothes or furniture.