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If you’re a senior or a caregiver considering senior living community services in the near future, there are several important areas you’ll be considering. One of these will be the numbers and types of staff on-hand in any assisted living community, which are vital to keep track of for several reasons, from quality of care to comfort and several others.

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, we’re proud to offer high-quality senior living community services in South Ogden, with a robust staff and caring, consistent services offered to all our guests. For those unfamiliar with the general setup of senior living communities, what are some of the common staff designations you’ll see? Here are the most frequent to be aware of, including those that are most directly impactful to guests.

Executive Director and Department Managers

In the majority of cases, assisted living communities employ an Executive Director (or a similar title) who is in charge of the overall building and its operations. Executive Directors often have to be licensed for their role, depending on the state they’re in.

Generally speaking, assisted living communities will then employ several individual department managers, each of whom are in charge of a distinct area (we’ll go over some of these areas below). These department managers will report to the Executive Director.

Nursing Team

The most important area for senior living community guests is the nursing team, which is a broad designation that includes a number of staff members – and will sometimes be termed in different ways depending on which community you’re in. There will usually be one or two nursing directors in place, serving as the department managers here; there will also be numerous caregivers, also called certified nursing assistants (CNAs), who are responsible for assisting guests with a variety of tasks.

CNAs are the most numerous of the nursing staff, with vital roles. They assist residents with everything from basic care and grooming up through enrichment activities and daily scheduling, plus are involved in important processes like medication management.

Operations Staff

There are also a number of operations staff in any assisted living community, and they play several roles – but are typically less connected to residents than the nursing staff. Examples of operations staff include dining service employees, transportation teams, housekeeping staffers, and many who work in various life enrichment areas.


Finally, one staff area that will have very little to no interaction with senior guests is the sales staff. This team is responsible for building relationships with external referral sources and potential future residents, helping seniors looking at various communities to understand why theirs is particularly beneficial.

For more on the kinds of staff you’ll typically see in a senior living community, or to learn about any of our assisted living services in South Ogden, speak to the staff at Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.